Financial mis-selling and malpractice are an ever present danger in modern life as investments vehicles become more and more complex and our life goes online.

In recent years individual bankers and even whole banks have been caught red handed in scandals such as PPI and Interest Rate Hedge Fund mis-selling, the manipulation of foreign exchange rates and Libor to name just a few.  

Tom Dennis
Tom Dennis
Partner & Head of Professional Negligence

Common Examples of Financial Professional Negligence are:

  • A Financial Adviser (IFA) may be liable where a client is advised to make an unsuitable investment where losses flowed from a cause from which the client expressly sought protection.

  • An Insurance Broker may be liable where the risk is placed inappropriately and the subsequent peril is found to be uninsured.

  • An Accountant may be liable in preparing financial reports on members for regulatory bodies and may have a duty of care to third parties who it is reasonably foreseeable would rely upon the advice.

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