Penalties for motoring offences can differ wildly – from a fine and penalty points for speeding, to the loss of your licence or even your liberty for more serious allegations such as dangerous driving. Whatever the offence, you need a specialist motoring law solicitor to argue your case.

The increased use of modern technology on our roads means that, more than ever, people are having to defend themselves against accusations of motoring offences.

Such charges can be difficult to defend, and the prospect of a guilty conviction can be very upsetting and worrying. It may mean that you might lose your driving licence, face a hefty fine, or even face time in prison.

How we can help

Our specialist motoring law solicitors have many years of experience of successfully defending drivers faced with motoring offence charges including:

  • speeding;
  • driving while under the influence of drink or drugs;
  • causing death by dangerous driving;
  • dangerous driving;
  • driving without due care;
  • driving whilst using a mobile phone
  • driving without insurance or a valid licence; or
  • driving whilst disqualified.

We will listen sensitively and professionally to your side of the story, thoroughly explain the charges against you and the possible consequences. Our solicitors will immediately start work on building you a robust defence.

We will sift through all the available evidence against you – whether this is witness statements, official reports or video footage – rigorously questioning every element and seeking proof to back up your claims.

We understand what a devastating effect the loss of your licence can have on your home, work and family life. If the offence you have been charged with would ordinarily mean you losing your licence, we will forcefully present the reasons why you should be allowed to keep it, or at the very least argue for a reduction in the length of time you are disqualified from driving.

If the charge is more serious and you are arrested, we will accompany you at the crucial police interview stage, ensuring that you get expert legal advice and that your rights are protected.  We will accompany you to all court hearings and make sure that your defence is presented in the strongest possible way.

Funding options

We offer a variety of funding options including legal aid (depending on your financial situation and the seriousness of the offence) or you may wish to privately fund your defence.  We offer fixed fees where possible to give you certainty from the outset. 

At MW Solicitors, Our Mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including those arrested or charged with a motoring offence.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact our specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors without delay on 020 3551 8500 or or use our Contact Us form to arrange a callback.

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