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I am passionate, proactive and flexible solicitor advocate practicing criminal defence and extradition law for over 10 years. I treat all clients equally with respect, compassion, care and attention and keep their personal affairs confidential. I approach situations with open mind, practical, positive, commercial and common sense. My distinctive strengths are sincere client care, ability to remain focused under pressure and quick thinking on the foot. I am a native speaker of Lithuanian and Russian.

I have a reputation as a skilled, relaxed, fearless, formidable advocate.

I Enjoy challenges and not afraid to take on responsibilities; results driven. I Always reach the highest standards working independently and as part of the team.I maintain excellent relations with clients, colleagues, barristers, experts, judges, foreign lawyers using their experience to help me to deliver the best results possible to my clients.

I have an excellent academic background. In addition to my qualifications obtained in this country I hold a bachelor’s degree in international law and relationships, diplomacy and political science. This qualification has proved useful and relevant in my practice as an extradition lawyer.

My language skills along with my experience of handling crime and extradition cases involving international jurisdictions have made me a highly sought after lawyer and this demand includes Russian speaking, Lithuanians and clients from the Baltic states.

I am an expert extradition lawyer with an excellent track record. I have represented clients facing extradition requests from jurisdictions worldwide including USA, Canada, Brazil, Russia and numerous states throughout the EU. I recently worked on two important appeals, currently at a divisional court with respect to Lithuanian and Hungarian prison conditions, where a number of Requested persons were joined together, Queen Counsels appointed and junior counsels with excellent reputation instructed; I am used to corroborating with numerous experts from abroad to challenge extradition requests.
I have cemented my reputation as a skillful and knowledgeable advocate and I have proven myself, dealing with the most difficult criminal cases and clients in both courts. I have extensive experience representing clients in both the Magistrates and Crown Court and significant experience in conducting criminal trials. My case preparation is strategic and meticulous and my advocacy persuasive, from making legal arguments and submissions to effective cross examination and speeches.

Extradition law is an area of law that develops rapidly and often takes unexpected turns on a case to case basis. I am able and keen to keep up with the fast pace by being adaptable, well connected, resourceful and hard working. I successfully used my character strengths such as being a good mediator and negotiator with the necessary analytical legal skills and leadership. I engaged high profile counsel when required and worked closely with them when reviewing strategies on cases. I am not afraid to push myself when working in territories I am unfamiliar with, developing my skills and knowledge.

When working on serious criminal cases I remain resilient, focused and able to remain calm under pressure to deliver the best results for my clients. On a personal level, I feel a great deal of satisfaction when I see the impact of my work on my clients’ lives.

I have received many positive testimonials from clients over the years. They have commended my professionalism while remaining approachable and recognise that I am a motivated advocate, willing to put in the extra effort when their cases needed it. Clients respect my down to earth approach and I feel this has always been one of my main skills when dealing with clients. I have found it useful not just for putting clients at ease, but to assist obtaining thorough instructions and information that may be important in their cases.

I am effective in my written and oral communication with clients, judges, courts experts, opposing colleagues and members of staff. I am accustomed to collaborating with lawyers and experts from all over Europe and the rest of the world. I constantly keep myself updated of developments in justice systems in other countries to increase my background knowledge and to better understand the wider context of my work. I often facilitate communication between requested persons and the requesting Judicial authority.

What My Clients Say About Me

Recent Successes

  • A v Russia- Russian Extradition warrant Discharged by SDJ Arbuthnot on the grounds of politically motivated extraneous consideration white collar fraud
  • P v USA - Extradition to USA with respect to an accusation of a largest cyber bank fraud conspiracy. I sourced most talented US and UK lawyers and experts and successfully negotiated a favourable deal for my client with United States authorities in cooperation with FBI.
  • F v USA I represented a client facing an extradition to USA on accusation of a conspiracy to defraud banks and lenders
  • L v Canada - Extradition sought with respect of an accusation warrant to conspire to commit Fraud
  • G v Brasil accusation of conspiracy to drug trafficking to Europe. Successfully discharged.
  • E v Italy accusation warrant with respect to conspiracy of drug trafficking. successfully discharged
  • A & Ors v Lithuania Art3 ECHR Prison conditions Lithuania
  • B & Ors v Lithuania Art 3 Prison conditions in Lithuania leading case at a Divisional court
  • B v Hungary- Hungarian Prison conditions appeal

Awards, Accreditations & Memberships

  • I was awarded as Extradition Lawyer of the year by ACQ Law Awards 2019 in recognition of my work
  • Police Station representative
  • Duty solicitor (Crime)
  • Higher Rights of Audience advocate
  • Member of LCCSA- London Criminal Courts Solicitors' Association
  • Member of DELF- Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum
  • Member of Law Society

Work in the Community / Pro Bono Work

  • I had always worked closely with Lithuanian and Russian communities in the UK often providing pro bono advice.
  • I coach young lawyers to succeed in their legal careers.
  • I have special interest in Youth pro bono work and had guided youth not only on criminal defence, but paths to rehabilitation and education.

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