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I have been a conveyancer for many years and seen many changes. I think it is essential to keep everyone up to date and use IT to do this. I do all types of conveyancing work buying and selling matrimonial transfers and equity release.

Awards, Accreditations & Memberships:

  • I am a board member of Cilex Professional Association and a specialist conveyancing advisor.
  • I am on the governments home buying and selling group looking at improving the consumer experience and reforming lease law.
  • I also am a member of the land registry advisory council.

Recent Successes

Success is not always about value or size of a deal.

  • I have sold a large farm recently but sorting out a problem with a lease on a sale, or doing a remortgage to save clients money is just as important.
  • I have been able to register a title where the deeds where lost and there was a complex trust and then sell the property. That was complex and very satisfying.
  • I also sorted out a double registration problem recently and that was the first time I had come across such an issue in 38 years.

Work in the Community / Pro Bono Work

As part of my work with Cilex I am chair of qualifications which means I get to talk about apprenticeships when asked. I also spend a lot of time on lease reform to improve the process for clients and consumers generally.

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