The Injury Team at MW Guildford are proud to support Headway Surrey with a donation of £5,000.00.  Headway Surrey is delighted and very proud to have been chosen.

Headway Surrey is a registered charity that supports people with acquired brain injury.  Brain injury is often referred to as the “hidden” disability.  Unlike other life changing conditions people do not think about it in advance.  It is only when it actually happens, usually suddenly, to an individual – whether that be through a road traffic incident, a sports injury or even an illness such as a stroke – which people actually realise how traumatic, debilitating, frustrating and even frightening a brain injury can be.

(Right to Left: Sonja Freebody (CEO Headway Surrey, Keith Churchouse (Chapters Financial)
Hasina Choudhury (MW Solicitors Guildford)

Brain injury is a largely hidden disability.  Headway’s aims are to help rebuild a person’s independence and to enable the family to cope with the devastating trauma that has affected them. There are bespoke individual programs of rehabilitation, both in their centre and at home, befriending, helpline and carers support.  They specialise in memory skills, planning, prioritising, behavioural and executive skills.    This is often slow-stream cognitive therapy, and may take many years of rehabilitation.  The changes are small and slow, however, positive results are still seen many years after their injury.  The Rehabilitation Coordinators set small achievable goals and targets for each individual and work tirelessly with them to achieve their best. 

Sonja Freebody, CEO of Headway said:

“This £5,000 donation is a much needed boost to our Surrey service. It is fabulous to be supported by the Guildford Business Community. Our annual running costs are £200,000, we are a small local charity however we achieve a lot for all of those who attend and their families.”

Sarah Corbett, Partner and Clinical Negligence Solicitor at MW Solicitors Guildford office said:

“In my experience, brain injury has a profound effect on the lives of not only the injured person but also those around them.  I have assisted clients with varying degrees of brain injuries from those with profound injuries to those where there is a subtle brain injury, only obvious to those who know them well.  Sometimes it is only by getting to know people with brain injuries that you understand the implications that any type of brain injury, no matter the degree, can have upon an individuals’ daily activities.  We were glad to support this local Surrey based charity in order to help it continue to work tirelessly in the support of those with brain injuries and also to assist those around them.”

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The MW team is here to provide expert support and guidance in what will be difficult and challenging times and put you in touch with other organisations that can help such as Headway Surrey.  Based on our wealth of experience we will  seek to achieve a financial result that makes a real difference to your long-term security.

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