In recent days MW Solicitors Head of Clinical Negligence – Adult Claims, Injury, Hasina Choudhury, had a recent high profile Inquest Judgement which found “gross failures” at Croydon University Hospital (CUH) in their treatment of a patient which ultimately caused her death.

Hasina Choudhury
Hasina Choudhury
Partner & Head of Clinical Negligence - Adult Claims

This was a tragic case of a 52 year old woman who died after choking on a small lump of ham in a salad, which she should not have been given, as her dietary requirements permitted for soft foods only.

Senior coroner Selena Lynch, heard testimony from 19 witnesses before giving a verdict on Thursday morning of accidental death contributed to by neglect and stated:

“cumulative failures by hospital staff to follow hospital procedure and good nursing practice”.

Representing the family, Hasina argued that policies and procedures at the hospital were “routinely ignored” and nurses and healthcare assistants were allowed to “do what they pleased”.

The findings have forced both an apology from the Hospital and changes to their safety policy, stating.  A Hospital spokesperson said:

“we have introduced additional safety checks when servicing meals to patients on special diets, and ensured nutrition noticeboards are used properly so safe eating requirements are clearly displayed for all ward staff to see.”

The family welcomed the hospital accepting their failures and after the hearing Hasina read out a family statement to the press which said:

“A series of errors has led to the tragic death of our client’s wife. Her death was entirely avoidable, policies and procedures that were in place were routinely ignored and nurses and healthcare assistants were allowed to do what they pleased.”

After our client’s wife’s death, the hospital refused to accept responsibility for the catalogue of errors and information which was miscommunicated to the family.

The hospital now accepts their failure led to our client’s wife’s death. Their apology is welcomed by the family, albeit arrived late.

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At MW, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including bereaved families who deserve to know the circumstances of their loved ones death.

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The Injury Team at MW Guildford are proud to support Headway Surrey with a donation of £5,000.00.  Headway Surrey is delighted and very proud to have been chosen.

Headway Surrey is a registered charity that supports people with acquired brain injury.  Brain injury is often referred to as the “hidden” disability.  Unlike other life changing conditions people do not think about it in advance.  It is only when it actually happens, usually suddenly, to an individual – whether that be through a road traffic incident, a sports injury or even an illness such as a stroke – which people actually realise how traumatic, debilitating, frustrating and even frightening a brain injury can be.

(Right to Left: Sonja Freebody (CEO Headway Surrey, Keith Churchouse (Chapters Financial)
Hasina Choudhury (MW Solicitors Guildford)

Brain injury is a largely hidden disability.  Headway’s aims are to help rebuild a person’s independence and to enable the family to cope with the devastating trauma that has affected them. There are bespoke individual programs of rehabilitation, both in their centre and at home, befriending, helpline and carers support.  They specialise in memory skills, planning, prioritising, behavioural and executive skills.    This is often slow-stream cognitive therapy, and may take many years of rehabilitation.  The changes are small and slow, however, positive results are still seen many years after their injury.  The Rehabilitation Coordinators set small achievable goals and targets for each individual and work tirelessly with them to achieve their best. 

Sonja Freebody, CEO of Headway said:

“This £5,000 donation is a much needed boost to our Surrey service. It is fabulous to be supported by the Guildford Business Community. Our annual running costs are £200,000, we are a small local charity however we achieve a lot for all of those who attend and their families.”

Sarah Corbett, Partner and Clinical Negligence Solicitor at MW Solicitors Guildford office said:

“In my experience, brain injury has a profound effect on the lives of not only the injured person but also those around them.  I have assisted clients with varying degrees of brain injuries from those with profound injuries to those where there is a subtle brain injury, only obvious to those who know them well.  Sometimes it is only by getting to know people with brain injuries that you understand the implications that any type of brain injury, no matter the degree, can have upon an individuals’ daily activities.  We were glad to support this local Surrey based charity in order to help it continue to work tirelessly in the support of those with brain injuries and also to assist those around them.”

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The MW team is here to provide expert support and guidance in what will be difficult and challenging times and put you in touch with other organisations that can help such as Headway Surrey.  Based on our wealth of experience we will  seek to achieve a financial result that makes a real difference to your long-term security.

If you would like to talk to us about your brain injury case call us today on 020 3551 8500 or use our Contact Us page


Brighton and Hove Pride 2018 is only a month away and we are pleased to announce our renewed support to the festival for the next 3 years.  This will be our 4th consecutive year of support for Pride, and we are proud to say that MW Solicitors reflects the culture of equality and diversity that Pride represents within our own workforce.

MW Solicitors have over 25 offices across the South Coast and South East of England with offices in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing and Bognor Regis to name just a few and we provide the public with a wide range of consumer legal services including family law and private practice, property conveyancing, civil and criminal litigation and clinical negligence and personal injury practices.

In addition to supporting and sponsoring Brighton and Hove Pride each year, MW Solicitors are proud to provide The Brighton Pride Organisation with its legal services each year.

Supporting equality of opportunity and access to justice are at the core of what MW Solicitors strive to deliver to the communities of Brighton, Hove and all along the south coast as we continue our proud association and support of Brighton and Hove Pride.

Join us at our Free Legal Seminar on 17th July 2018

As well as being involved over the Pride weekend in August both in the Park with our own stand and with our open top bus in the Pride Parade, MW Solicitors are also hosting a free legal seminar open to anyone covering topics such as Surrogacy, Adoption, Pre Nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements and Wills and Declarations of Trust along with other topics of interest.

This will take place at Club Revenge on Tuesday 17th July at 6.30pm and will last around 90 minutes. There will be plenty of time for questions and we will have a broad range of our legal team on hand in support so please do come along to hear where the law and legal processes stand on these important topics, refreshments will be provided.

The Injury Department at McMillan Williams Solicitors have been supporting the bold and colourful Headscapes Art Exhibition at the Jubilee Library in Brighton over the last month, collecting donations, recruiting volunteers and spreading the word of the incredible work the Headway East Sussex brain injury charity do for our community.

The exhibition displayed artwork created by people who have brain injury, many capturing the beauty of Brighton and the South Coast in an adventurous and vibrant style. Art and therapy stimulates many different parts of the brain on both the right and the left sides, which can work to improve the links between the component parts of the brain in order to make it stronger. Headway East Sussex offer art sessions where attendees are able to explore the feelings and emotions that they are experiencing due to brain injury and then express them through art. The sessions are inspired by accomplished artists and art therapy volunteers.

The volunteers from MW received an incredible response to the artwork; children were in awe and adults were fascinated with the influences and visions behind the artwork.

The purpose of the exhibition was not only to provide enjoyment through art form for the Brighton Hove community and beyond, but to raise awareness about the many pathways that Headway East Sussex is able to offer people with brain injuries and their families in their road to recovery.

The exhibition was a huge success and the Injury Department at MW were enthused by the support and great work that the charity and the exhibition have achieved. Working with individuals every day in our specialist teams at MW who have suffered brain injury, we understand the importance of expert rehabilitation and support for our clients and their families which is why we work so closely with Headway East Sussex.

If you would like to find out more about the vital work that Headway East Sussex does, please visit:

We Can Help

The MW team is here to provide expert support and guidance in what will be difficult and challenging times and put you in touch with other organisations that can help such as HEADWAY.  Based on our wealth of experience we will  seek to achieve a financial result that makes a real difference to your long-term security.

If you would like to talk to us about your brain injury case call us today on 020 3551 8500 or use our Contact Us page


After many, many months of organising,Thursday 31st May 2018 saw the Chestnut Tree House Charity Quiz Night take place at The Tally Ho Lounge Bar in Eastbourne old town.

Jessica Shale
Jessica Shale
Associate - Private Client Services

After attending a fantastic charity quiz night back in February hosted by my fellow private client colleagues at MW Hove in aid of The Rockinghorse Charity, I was inspired by their success and decided I would set myself a challenge to organise a quiz night of my own.

It was an easy decision to raise money in aid of Chestnut Tree House, a fantastic local charity dedicated to caring for children who are unlikely to live until adulthood and their families. They offer respite, crisis and end of life care at their hospice building near Arundel and in families’ own homes across East and West Sussex and South East Hampshire.  Their care costs are over £3.5 million each year and they receive less than 7% of their funding from central government and so they rely heavily on local fundraising events. 

The Team at MW Eastbourne maintain a great relationship with Chestnut Tree House and I have been to a number of their networking events which are not only a great way for me to make business contacts but also incredibly educational and inspiring.  It was at these networking events that I learnt of how Chestnut Tree House needs people like us to keep them going. 

Chestnut Tree and MW

The support I received from the community was second to none, with 10 teams made up of local businesses eager to donate or provide raffle prizes for the event.  Special thanks to Quizmaster Ryan who agreed to donate his time to the evening and kept all the guests entertained with his enthusiasm for the evening remained apparent throughout.

I was blown away by the response I received from the local community and soon had over 30 raffle prizes generously donated by a variety of businesses in the area.  We sold over 700 raffle tickets sold and I was absolutely delighted to announce that the grand total raised was almost £850.  We even managed a last minute auction for a raffle prize won by one of the Close Brothers’ team who decided that the charity deserved the money more!

I would like to thank each and every agent and business that participated in the evening and made it possible for us to raise such an amazing amount of money for such a fantastic charity.  I would also like to thank my colleagues at the MW Eastbourne for their ongoing support and help, especially Danielle Hemming and Lisa Treleven who took time out of their day and evening last Thursday and helped make sure that the evening was a success.

Thanks to the participating teams from MW Eastbourne, Chestnut Tree House, Close Brothers, Arbonne, Protea Financial Services, Lodestone Financial, APlan, Suchila Pang, Homesprite and Robbins Financial.

Thanks to everyone who donated Raffle prizes including; Medikids, Polegate Podiatry & Health Clinic, Scarlets Beauty Rooms, Relax Therapy, Annie Cheadle Yoga, IKlean Domestic Services, K9 Connect, Beauty Ninjas, Arbonne, Love Yoga & Massage, Younique, Creature Comforts, Two Bulls Steakhouse, Pacific House, Mr & Mrs B’s Seriously Buzzin Hot Sauce, The Secret Wardrobe, The Daisy Clinic, Amethyst Light, Hastings Adventure Golf, Pebbles & Paintpots, Halo, Hpynotix Hypnotherapy, TAG Cards & Crafts, Jo Kilmartin Mobile Hairdresser, Melanie Wight Hair Stylist, Suchila Pang, The Beauty Boutique, True Nails, Anthea Pienaar and Cale Sinfield.

After such a successful evening, I can honestly say that I am very much looking forward to arranging further charitable events in aid of Chestnut Tree House in the future.

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