New rules under section 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017 came into force on 1 October 2018 which mean planning permission for the development of land may not be granted subject to pre-commencement conditions without the prior written agreement of the applicant.

What are Pre-Commencement Conditions?

Pre-commencement conditions are those conditions on a planning permission which must be fulfilled before work starts on site or before the use of land changes. Developers and landowners could refuse the imposition of pre-commencement conditions where they believe it is unwarranted or impractical.

Local Planning Authorities will have to give notice of their intention to attach pre-commencement conditions to a planning permission, setting out the text of the condition, the reason for it including an explanation why it is a pre-commencement condition and when a response from the applicant must be received by.

The exception where planning permission may be granted subject to a pre-commencement condition without the applicant’s written agreement is if the applicant has been notified of the intention to impose a pre-commencement condition and has not responded by the date specified in the notice.

This means those who are intending to carry out development work should speak to a planning and specialist solicitor as early as possible to negotiate their conditions.

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