An independent report commissioned by the Mayor of Manchester reveals that abusers walked free as a result of errors made by the Greater Manchester Police and Childrens Services. 

Fiona McNelis
Fiona McNelis
Senior Associate Solicitor & Head of Public Law, Civil

Some of the police officers involved in the original investigations are still serving police officers and the police watchdog has been asked to investigate.

The independent report concluded that the investigation of the sexual exploitation of vulnerable girls in care were shut down prematurely in 2005. The reason given by the police for this was a lack of resources, which was found to be untrue in this report.  These cases were not prioritised by the police or treated seriously.

The re-investigation of these cases has identified other possible victims. 

The Greater Manchester Police have apologised to the victims.

It appears that at the time the Greater Manchester Police were more concerned with meeting performance driven targets based on the government’s priority offences (vehicle crime, domestic burglary and robbery) than securing justice and convicting the abusers.  Information gathered has revealed that the abusers were known to the police in 2004 but they were allowed to continue their campaign of abuse of vulnerable people and targeted places such as care homes for children. 

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