The High Court has ruled that phone hacking claims against The Sun newspaper can now proceed. Mr Justice Mann’s decision makes The Sun the latest target publication for lawyers who are representing phone hacking claimants. Such claims against News Group Newspapers (NGN) can now be brought in relation to both The Sun and the defunct News of the World.  Previously phone hacking claims against NGN had solely been commenced in relation to articles in the News of the World.

Whilst there are hundreds of claims of hacking by the News of the World, there are at present, only a handful of alleged phone hacking claims which rely on articles published in The Sun, although this may increase over time.

Experienced Lawyers

The Solicitors in our Media Law and Reputation Management Department have first-hand experience of conducting phone hacking cases against NGN in relation to the News of the World and MGN with regard to Mirror Group Newspapers.

They are experienced in telephone and email hacking cases in other situations, such as someone hacking into a spouse’s telephone or email account to access information to assist in a divorce, or when organisations hack into people’s telephones and emails to obtain data from them unlawfully for a variety of reasons.

The Law is Not Just for the Rich and Powerful

We firmly believe that “Justice is a Birthright” and that everyone, not just the rich and powerful should be able to defend themselves in court.  In recent weeks our team have secured a string of defamation victories against the BBC, The UK Defence Secretary and The Prime Minister. 

We Can Help

At MW, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including those who have been victims of phone hacking.  We offer conditional fee agreements (no win, no fee funding) for these types of cases, where appropriate.

If you have been subjected to telephone or email hacking and would like to talk to one of our specialist Solicitors, call us today on 0203 551 8500 or email us at  You may be entitled to compensation.

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