MW are proud to announce that our Head of our Estate and Trust Disputes Team, Hayley Bundey, is now a member of The Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS)

The Association of Contentious Trust and Probate Specialists

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ACTAPS is an organisation of solicitors, barristers and legal executives who are only accepted into the membership if they have many years of specialist experience and ongoing practice in this specialised area of the law – Contentious Trust and Probate law.

Founded in 1997, the organisation not only keeps its members updated with key developments in the law in this area but has also prepared the ACTAPS Practice Note for the Resolution of Trust and Probate Disputes (“the ACTAPS Code”)  for practitioners to adhere to when acting for their clients. Whilst the ACTAPS Code is not part of the formal court rules (the CPR) ) yet, it is hoped it will soon obtain judicial recognition and be incorporated into the CPR, particularly as specialist practitioners in the field already adopt it as best practice in the resolution of Contentious Probate cases.

Hayley has herself adopted the ACTAPS Code in the resolution of her Contentious Probate claims for many years and in response to her admission to the membership of ACTAPS this month she says:

“I am extremely proud to join such an esteemed organisation in my specialist area of practice. Practitioners who are members of ACTAPS are always widely recognised as being at the forefront of their field in Contentious Trust and Probate work and I am pleased therefore to join their ranks.

I particularly support this organisation because of its emphasis upon the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) wherever possible to resolve Contentious Probate and Trust disputes. I am passionate about utilising ADR at every opportunity in my cases to ensure that if, the often distressing, court proceedings which accompany such cases can be avoided then they should be as much as possible. To be part of an organisation which aligns with that view so unreservedly is refreshing and I believe it will only go to help me do the best job possible for my clients all the more”.

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