On Tuesday 9th October MW are proud to be hosting the inaugural London and South East Burning Nights Support Group meeting.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Burning Nights is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and supporting people affected by a poorly understood nerve condition, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

CRPS can cause a person to experience persistent, severe and debilitating pain along with other symptoms. The condition may develop after an injury, surgery, stroke or heart attack, but the pain is out of proportion with the severity of the initial injury or trauma. Over 65% of cases are caused by soft tissue injuries. The cause of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome isn’t clearly understood and CRPS awareness in the UK is low. However the earlier a diagnosis of CRPS is given, the better the prognosis is for a patient.

There is no cure for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  It is a chronic and life-changing condition.  There is a range of treatments available to help manage symptoms, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, psychological therapy, medication, regional and lumbar blocks, neurostimulators, implants, alternative therapy and pain management programmes.

The aim of the support group is to  enable CRPS sufferers, carers, families and friends to meet others in a similar situation and share experiences and advice.  The opportunity to build a supportive social network can be a lifeline to those experiencing isolation as a result of a chronic pain condition.

We are delighted to welcome two guest speakers to our first meeting:

  • Martin Leppard will be inspiring us recounting his amazing journey from a devastating CRPS diagnosis to competing as a successful triathlete.
  • Stephen Cottrell of Devereux Chambers will be discussing how, from a legal point of view, attitudes to CRPS are finally changing for the better.

We Can Help

At MW Solicitors, Our Mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone" including those suffering from CRPS which has developed following injury. We provide expert support and guidance in what will be difficult and challenging times and put you in touch with other organisations that can help such as BURNING NIGHTS.  Based on our wealth of experience we will  seek to achieve a financial result that makes a real difference to your long-term security as we as providing the care and assistance you need. .

If you would like to talk to us about your case today call  us on 020 3551 8500 or use our Contact Us page

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