In recent days MW Solicitors Head of Clinical Negligence – Adult Claims, Injury, Hasina Choudhury, had a recent high profile Inquest Judgement which found “gross failures” at Croydon University Hospital (CUH) in their treatment of a patient which ultimately caused her death.

Hasina Choudhury
Hasina Choudhury
Partner & Head of Clinical Negligence - Adult Claims

This was a tragic case of a 52 year old woman who died after choking on a small lump of ham in a salad, which she should not have been given, as her dietary requirements permitted for soft foods only.

Senior coroner Selena Lynch, heard testimony from 19 witnesses before giving a verdict on Thursday morning of accidental death contributed to by neglect and stated:

“cumulative failures by hospital staff to follow hospital procedure and good nursing practice”.

Representing the family, Hasina argued that policies and procedures at the hospital were “routinely ignored” and nurses and healthcare assistants were allowed to “do what they pleased”.

The findings have forced both an apology from the Hospital and changes to their safety policy, stating.  A Hospital spokesperson said:

“we have introduced additional safety checks when servicing meals to patients on special diets, and ensured nutrition noticeboards are used properly so safe eating requirements are clearly displayed for all ward staff to see.”

The family welcomed the hospital accepting their failures and after the hearing Hasina read out a family statement to the press which said:

“A series of errors has led to the tragic death of our client’s wife. Her death was entirely avoidable, policies and procedures that were in place were routinely ignored and nurses and healthcare assistants were allowed to do what they pleased.”

After our client’s wife’s death, the hospital refused to accept responsibility for the catalogue of errors and information which was miscommunicated to the family.

The hospital now accepts their failure led to our client’s wife’s death. Their apology is welcomed by the family, albeit arrived late.

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