Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Croydon Tram Disaster which occured at Sandilands Junction on 9th November 2016.

Memorial Service

A permanent memorial to the victims will be unveiled at a memorial service at Central Parade, New Addington, starting at 10.30am 

Where are We Now?

7 people tragically lost their lives, with a further 51 people injured, 16 of them with very serious life changing injurues. 

Joanna Bailey
Joanna Bailey
Partner - Head of Personal Injury

The driver of the tram was arrested at the scene and has since been bailed twice. The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) are continuing their investigations with the final report hopefully being published by the end of 2017.

British Transport Police’s investigations are ongoing and the Coroner’s enquiries will recommence once the outcome of the police investigations are known.

Despite civil liability for the accident being admitted by Transport for London / Tram Operations Limited in March 2017, the cause of the accident is still not known which has lead to many continuing to demand answers. Unfortunately investigations into this type of incident are often lengthy and due process must be followed. That is however of little assistance to the victims, many of whom suffered significant psychological trauma.

There have been many suggestions about what happened but at present all we know is that the tram entered the curved part of the track between the Sandilands Tunnels and Sandilands Junction at 46 mph, some 30 mph greater than the imposed speed limit. This excessive speed would seem to have been the root cause of the derailment.

The reason for the excessive speed cannot yet be fully understood and it would be wrong to speculate while the investigations are ongoing.

MW Solicitors Supporting Victims and Survivors

Timothy Pyant
Timothy Pyant
Partner and Deputy Head of Personal Injury

McMillan Williams in New Addington have been instructed by over 20 victims of this accident and are working closely with Transport for London’s representatives to ensure that the victim’s rehabilitation needs are met.

Many of the victims have suffered both physical and psychological injuries which have prevented them from returning to work which in turn has caused financial pressures on them and their families.

We have been able to successfully agree regular interim payments for victims from Transport for London’s representatives, which has helped to soften the financial burden.

It is vital that this support continues.

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