MW Solicitors will be showing their strong support for the Spinal Injuries Association at tonight's SIA Legal Dinner by donating a prize for the fundraising Auction.  In attendance will be members of our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence teams who are experts in accidents and collisions resulting in Spinal Injury, Joanna Bailey, Michael Hartley, Rachel Glover, Jacqui Hayat and Siobhan Mason.

A Day with Talan Motorsport

With a selection of dates and race circuits to choose from 4 guests will spend the day with the Talan Motorsport Racing team, including lunch and accommodation.  You will get VIP access to see the team in action at an iconic british circuit with unparralelled access to the team.

This truly remarkable team is the brainchild of Talan Skeels-Piggins, a spinal injury survivor himself.  Following on from the team's success in 2014 they expanded their stable of riders to include 1 paraplegic and 1 above knee amputee.  Exciting new additions to the team in 2016 will see them expand their existing motorcycle racing with British Motorcycle Race Club (BMCRC) and NG Road Racing Series.

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