The recently reported increase in rape trials collapsing due to failures by the Police or Prosecuters in disclosing evidence to defence Solicitors has highlighted that the justice system has "systemic" problems. 

A Problem Across the Spectrum of Criminal Law

Christopher Maynard
Christopher Maynard
Partner, Deputy Head Crime & Extradition

McMillan Williams Criminal Defence Solicitors, Christopher Maynard and John Molleskog recently acted in a case involving five youth defendants charged with robbery. 

The Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the case after the Judge described the Crown as "spectacularly" failing in their disclosure obligations.

The five young defendants faced a charge of robbery at Camberwell Green Youth Court but the case against them was dropped after Christopher Maynard submitted that there had been "egregious" failings by the Crown Prosecution Service in disclosing evidence which led to the Judge refusing the Crown's application to adjourn the case.

John Molleskog commented that

"the case was the latest in a series of prosecutions where the CPS has dropped a case due to disclosure problems, as has been well reported in national media in recent times"

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