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As a first time buyer, the news from today’s budget might have been just the sign you needed that this was the right time to take the leap and make your first house purchase. 

Specialists in Residential Property

With MW, you can be confident that your Solicitor will completely understand and be sympathetic to your needs as a first time buyer, including complete command of these tax changes and how they affect you.

If you had been on the fence about taking a step up the housing ladder or selling an investment property, this change might allow you to command a higher selling price.  If you do feel inspired to take the leap, you can be assured that our specialist teams are completely on top of the detail and will ensure your sale process goes smoothly.

Why are we so confident? 

The fact is that more than half of our branch offices (fifteen to be precise!) are located in areas where the average house price is approximately £500k or less, meaning that we have long operated in areas where we work with clients on transactions such as these.  In fact, we are the in the top three largest property solicitors in sixteen of the areas in which we operate (according to Land Registry information). 

Google us, ask your friends about us, and visit Your Local Office, to see if we are the right fit for you. 

We look forward to working with you.  Call us today on 020 3551 8500 or email us at

On 4th November, some of McMillan Williams’ Solicitors Trainees and Paralegals attended the Guildford Lions Fireworks Fiesta to raise money in aid of three charities; Challengers, Headway Surrey & The Guildford Welfare Fund.

Volunteers were selling torches on Guildford High Street, just a few minutes walk from our new office, MW Guildford.

MW Staff Raise Money for Guildford Lions Club

Pictured above (Left to Rght) are MW Trainees and Paralegals Stephanie Clark, Ryan Stewart, Danielle Nuttall, Sarah Henson and Fiona Owuru who braved a cold blustery night in Guildford High Street.

About Guildford Lions

Guildford Lions Club are a charitable organisation which hold numerous fundraising events throughout the year and for a various number of worthy causes. They are part of the wider Lions Club International, the largest service club organisation in the world who live by their motto ‘We serve’.

Their evening consisted of a torchlight procession led by the Nautical Training Corp (NTC) TS Implacable, and hosted by Peter Gordon from Eagle Radio, from the High Street, past our new office and towards Stoke Park where the fireworks finale took place. McMillan Williams were supporting the Lions with collection buckets. 

It was wonderful to meet the volunteers at Guildford Lions, of whom we are very thankful for, for making us feel so welcome on what turned out to be a wonderful evening filled with community spirit!

We were thrilled to learn that the event raised a huge £15,000 although the final figure is yet to be confirmed.

We Can Help

At MW Solicitors, our mission is "To make quality legal services accessible to everyone.", Our dedicated and expert Solicitors can advise across a full range of legal issues.

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Extradition Justice

MW Solicitors is proud to announce its ranking in the 2018 Chambers & Partners UK Guide for Crime: Extradition.

Despite being a newly formed Department, MW has been quickly recognised by fellow practitioners, Judges and clients alike as a leading firm specialising in this niche area of law.

The Department is well known for successfully challenging extradition requests from all over the world, focussing on complex and technical legal challenges as well as on human rights and political grounds. The Department has been involved in some of the most novel points of extradition law and has challenged requests from USA, Peru, Nigeria, Albania, Croatia and most other European Countries. It also advises on Mutual Legal Assistance and challenging Interpol Red Notices.

Chirag Patel - Partner, Head of Extradition and Deputy Head of Crime

Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel
Partner & Head of Extradition and Deputy Head of Crime


Leader in the Field

Practice Areas

Chirag Patel practices in complex criminal defence and extradition law. He set up the Extradition Department at McMillan Williams in 2015 and heads a team of 11 talented lawyers. Chirag robustly and energetically challenges extradition requests and defends the rights of his clients with considerable success. Chirag also advises on Interpol Red Notices, their removal, Mutual Legal Assistance, and Human Rights. Recent highlights include representation in the only Nigerian extradition request (ongoing), being granted the first ever application for permission to appeal against extradition out of time, and securing discharge for a Requested Person allegedly involved in a €60million tax carousel fraud in Germany.


Chirag qualified in 2003, obtained his Higher Rights of Audience in 2010 and was promoted to Partner in 2015.


Chirag Patel has "a very good way of breaking down something complicated and making it simple." Alongside his own work in extradition cases and appeals, he heads the extradition department and has been credited with "ensuring the firm maintains the highest of standards." One commentator notes: "He has a lovely manner with clients which means they have absolute trust in him."

David Siebler -  Partner, Crime & Extradition

David Siebler
David Siebler
Partner - Crime & Extradition


Noted Practitioner

Practice Areas

David Siebler practices in crime and extradition and has experienced considerable success in defending extradition requests from various countries. He is extremely conscientious, meticulous to detail and hardworking. David has been a continuing part of the success of the McMillan Williams Extradition Department. He has represented clients on numerous issues. David continues to identify and successfully argue novel and emerging points, whilst maintaining a thorough knowledge of his area. Recent highlights include litigating in the Supreme Court analysis of “any other warrant” under section 2 Extradition Act 2003, and the interpretation of “charge” and “try” under section 12A.


David qualified in 2003 and was promoted to Partner in 2016.


David Siebler is "an extremely well-organised and efficient solicitor," according to market commentators, who add that he "prepares his cases meticulously." He regularly appears as an advocate and has experience representing vulnerable clients.

Noam Almaz

Noam Almaz
Noam Almaz
Partner - Crime & Extradition


Recognised Practitioner

Practice Areas

Noam is a senior crime and extradition solicitor with a background in serious crime. He has been working in extradition since 2005. Noam appears at Initial Hearings, Case Management and Review Hearings and conducts advocacy at his own Full Hearings, including the preparation of oral submissions and skeleton arguments. In the short time he has been at McMillan Williams, Noam has personally secured the discharge at full hearing of numerous clients. Noam always seeks to gather evidence from every conceivable source and leaves no stone unturned. He has identified many entirely novel points of law, which have been litigated to Supreme Court level and beyond. Renowned for his creativity and tenacity, Noam is fearless in the defence of each and every one of his clients.

Professional Memberships

Law Society Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum (DELF)

We Can Help

If you need representation in a criminal defence or an extradition case, our talented and specialist Crime and Extradition Solicitors are here to help you.  Call us today on 020 3551 8500 or email us at


Recent articles in The Times (“New pothole policy is deathtrap for cyclists’” and “Pothole Loopholes”) highlight the dangers and risks faced by cyclists from potholes and road defects present to cyclists every day.

Philip Scarles
Philip Scarles
Solicitor - Health & Injury

A cyclist who hits a pothole or swerves to avoid one could fall and collide with another road user such as a car or worse. The consequences of such an accident could be serious injury or even fatal.

Who is to Blame?

Should such an accident occur, a personal injury or fatal accident claim can be commenced against the Highway Authority responsible for the maintenance of the highway. For the claim to be successful it has to be established that:

  1. the highway authority did not maintain the highway as required by section 41 of the Highways Act 1980, and

  2. the accident was caused by a failure to maintain that highway. A highway is not maintained if it was in a condition that exposed danger to those using the highway in an ordinary way.

However, even if the above conditions can be established, section 58 of the Highways Act 1980 provides a defence to any claim made under section 41.

To raise this defence the authority has to show that it had taken such care in all the circumstances as was reasonably required to secure the relevant part of the highway in a way so that it was not dangerous for traffic.

Evidence is Vital

In view of the requirements of the Highways Act, such claims are not straightforward. Evidence is all important, and if you are involved in such an accident, the first thing to do is to obtain good quality photographs and, if possible, a video of the road and potholes where the accident occurred. Try to obtain these from the direction of travel of the cyclist and at the same time of day that the accident occurred. The photographs and video should include measurements of the potholes.

We Can Help

Obtaining evidence is a key part of the work we do at MW Solicitors.  When investigating and acting in these types of cases we will make immediate site visits, cycling the road if appropriate. We will obtain evidence from the police and ambulance services and interview police officers and paramedics, if required.  We will also investigate any CCTV footage of the locality and we will investigate the history of accidents of the road.  We can also engage cycling and engineering experts.  Our dedicated cyclist injury specialist, Philip Scarles, is a keen cyclist of many years giving him a particular interest and advantage when acting for cyclists who have suffered serious injuries in such accidents.

If you or a loved one have been injured in such an accident, do not delay, call us today on 020 3551 8500 or email us at  The earlier you contact us the better chance we have of gathering the evidence to fight your case before any potholes are filled in, records are destroyed or memories have faded.

Croydon Tram

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Croydon Tram Disaster which occured at Sandilands Junction on 9th November 2016.

Memorial Service

A permanent memorial to the victims will be unveiled at a memorial service at Central Parade, New Addington, starting at 10.30am 

Where are We Now?

7 people tragically lost their lives, with a further 51 people injured, 16 of them with very serious life changing injurues. 

Helen Clifford
Helen Clifford
Partner & Head of Personal Injury

The driver of the tram was arrested at the scene and has since been bailed twice. The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) are continuing their investigations with the final report hopefully being published by the end of 2017.

British Transport Police’s investigations are ongoing and the Coroner’s enquiries will recommence once the outcome of the police investigations are known.

Despite civil liability for the accident being admitted by Transport for London / Tram Operations Limited in March 2017, the cause of the accident is still not known which has lead to many continuing to demand answers. Unfortunately investigations into this type of incident are often lengthy and due process must be followed. That is however of little assistance to the victims, many of whom suffered significant psychological trauma.

There have been many suggestions about what happened but at present all we know is that the tram entered the curved part of the track between the Sandilands Tunnels and Sandilands Junction at 46 mph, some 30 mph greater than the imposed speed limit. This excessive speed would seem to have been the root cause of the derailment.

The reason for the excessive speed cannot yet be fully understood and it would be wrong to speculate while the investigations are ongoing.

MW Solicitors Supporting Victims and Survivors

Timothy Pyant
Timothy Pyant
Executive - Health & Injury

McMillan Williams in New Addington have been instructed by over 20 victims of this accident and are working closely with Transport for London’s representatives to ensure that the victim’s rehabilitation needs are met.

Many of the victims have suffered both physical and psychological injuries which have prevented them from returning to work which in turn has caused financial pressures on them and their families.

We have been able to successfully agree regular interim payments for victims from Transport for London’s representatives, which has helped to soften the financial burden.

It is vital that this support continues.

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